Reinfeldt’s state secretary resigns

Nicola Clase, one of Prime Minister Reinfeldt's state secretaries, has resigned from her post in order to take up a prestigious position at Harvard University in the United States.

Clase, in charge of EU and foreign policy issues, said she enjoyed the prime minister’s full support as she leaves government offices to work with a new transatlantic programme at Harvard.

“It is good to make the change now, as there will be plenty of time to put the next state secretary in place who will be responsible for looking after the Swedish EU presidency next autumn.”

Reinfeldt told the TT news agency that he was pleased about Nicola Clase’s new job and that her new position was also good for Sweden.

“It is good that people like her become involved at that level”.

Nicola Clase formerly worked at the Foreign Ministry and was head of the Moderate Party’s foreign policy.

The last time Reinfeldt was forced to change one of his state secretaries was in November last year, when Ulrika Schenström was forced to resign after getting drunk in a pub with a reporter from television station TV4.

That incident was followed by suspicions that Nicola Clase had paid for illegal, tax-free repairs at home, but the investigation was later dropped by prosecutors.