Young man stabbed in ‘potato peeler game’

A 20-year-old man found with serious stab wounds to his stomach outside his apartment in Hjo, south-west Sweden, apparently received his injuries during a game involving potato peelers.

According to Lars Johansson of the Swedish police, the man was involved in a game in which two people stick potato peelers into each others stomachs in order to prove to each other that they are real men. In this case, the game went a little too far.

Lars Johansson told Sveriges Radio that other young men in Hjo are also known to have tested playing the extreme game.

The young man’s injuries were not life threatening.

The case is currently with the public prosecutor, who has not yet decided on what action to take.

The man who stabbed the 20-year-old with the potato peeler is not under arrest and was not hospitalized for any injuries.