Bomb threat ‘not gang-related’

A bomb threat in Gothenburg on Sunday is not believed to be connected to an ongoing gang war in the city, police say.

A box with the word “bomb” written on it was exploded by police in Kortedala in Gothenburg on Sunday. After a series of recent gang-related shootings in Gothenburg, police initially believed that Sunday’s threat also had links to organized crime.

But police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg later ruled out this hypothesis.

“This is an isolated incident. There is nothing to suggest otherwise,” he told news agency TT.

Police received an emergency call about the suspected bomb, place on the bonnet of a car, soon after 4am on Sunday morning.

The area was quickly sealed off and shortly before 11am police bomb technicians exploded the box.

“It is too early to tell what the box contained. We should have begun work on deciphering that which we have exploded at the latest on Monday,” said Fuxborg.

“It was in any case designed to looked like a bomb.”

There have been a series of shootings in Gothenburg in recent weeks. In total three men have been injured. None of the injuries have been life-threatening.

Gang vendettas are thought to be behind several of the shootings.