‘Escaped murderer planned getaway’

A 34-year-old convicted murderer who escaped from a psychiatric clinic in central Sweden on Sunday is believed to have bought a car a couple of days ago.

“An indication that the escape was planned,” according to Sören Sandell of Dalarna police.

The Säter clinic’s security coordinator Lillemor Lövström admitted that the details of the car purchase were news to her.

“But we can’t hinder anyone from buying a car. The inmates have access to mobile telephones and can in theory buy whatever they want – they own their money,” she said.

“Although we would advise against an inmate buying a car as they have no use of it while interned here,” she added.

Police have sounded a national alert and are describing the man, 34-year-old David Sjöblom, as “dangerous”.

The police have been inundated with assorted tips and information from the public but nothing had by Monday morning resulted in any concrete leads.

Sjöblom escaped from the grounds of the psychiatric clinic on Sunday during an hour’s unsupervised leave. He has been interned at the clinic for nine years.

He was convicted in 1997 for the murder of an elderly woman and has never before attempted to escape.

The clinic has informed the police of his likely whereabouts – details that Lillemor Lövström was unwilling to divulge to news agency TT.

It is the second time in the space of a month that a patient at the clinic has escaped.

A patient who left the grounds during an hour’s unsupervised leave at the end of July has not yet been found.