Dutch declare interest in JAS Gripen

Dutch declare interest in JAS Gripen
The Netherlands government has declared an interest in buying 85 JAS Gripen fighter aircraft from Saab to replace its ageing fleet of F16s.

Saab confirmed on Monday that it had replied to the F16 Replacement Questionnaire from the Dutch Ministry of Defence, offering 85 Gripen NG (Next Generation) aircraft to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

“The Saab response is an all inclusive package comprising 85 Gripen NG aircraft, training, spares, simulators and support at a price that fits well into the Dutch defence budget,” the company wrote in a press release.

Saab declared that it is prepared to offer industrial co-operation to at least 100 percent of the total value of a possible contract, which it said would generate significant economic benefits and employment within the Dutch high-tech industry.

Gripen NG is a multi-role fighter aircraft and meets the capabilities specified by the Royal Netherlands Air Force in its request, including combat range and endurance, weapons carriage capability, engine thrust and super cruise capability.

The Gripen NG is an upgrade on the Gripen D and was presented by Saab on April 23rd 2008. The aircraft’s maiden flight was conducted on May 27th 2008 reaching a maximum altitude of 6,400 metres.