Lay judge resigns from Arboga murder case

A woman tasked with ruling on a high-profile double murder case has stepped down from her position after making comments described by the judge in the case as "completely lacking in judgment".

Cecilia Uggla’s resignation from the position of lay judge follows comments made in an interview with newspaper Expressen. In the interview, Uggla said of suspect Christine Schürrer that she “never fully believed she was innocent. I’ve been inclined to think she was guilty.”

Judge Per Kjellson took a dim view of Uggla’s comments in light of the fact that a verdict has not yet been reached.

Uggla told the judge she had become stressed when faced with a slew of questions from journalists and ended up saying things she did not mean.

“But that’s not an acceptable explanation,” Kjellson told news agency TT.

“It is not permissible to hold the views to which she gave expression. She herself realized when the court met this morning that she could not sit in and judge any more,” he added.

Uggla’s resignation will not have any effect on the case, said Kjellson.

On Tuesday, Västmanland District Court ordered Christine Schürrer, suspected of the brutal murder of two toddlers, to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, an indication that the court was likely to find her guilty as charged.

The court said there was a risk that Christine Schürrer would flee, and

therefore ordered her continued detention until a verdict is given.

In its decision, the court wrote that “overwhelming evidence has been produced” to show that the woman “is guilty of murder and attempted murder in accordance with the charges”.