Jumbo jet hostel rolls into place near Arlanda

The opening of the world’s first jumbo jet youth hostel moved a step closer on Thursday when a Boeing 747 was towed a few kilometres from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

Jumbo jet hostel rolls into place near Arlanda

The plane, which had been resting on Arlanda’s third runway since 2002, was purchased by Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Diös.

Diös saw the abandoned hulk of metal as a perfect structure for low-budget accommodations near Sweden’s busiest airport.

Plans received a boost last December when Sweden’s airports authority, LFV, and the Swedish National Roads Administration, approved the idea and on Thursday, workers towed the massive plane to the future hostel’s final location.

Diös, who sat in plane’s cockpit while it was being towed, hopes the hostel will open for business in December.

If the venture proves successful in Sweden, he hopes to open more jumbo jet hostels elsewhere.