Court awards compensation for stolen drug money

Court awards compensation for stolen drug money
Sweden’s highest court has ruled that a drug dealer robbed of the proceeds from his illicit activities has the right to compensation from the state.

Thieves broke into the home of the 44-year-old man from Borås in western Sweden and stole 140,000 kronor ($21,900) – money the man had earned from selling drugs, reports the Borås Tidning newspaper.

But according to the Supreme Court (HD), the fact that the money came from criminal activities, including the sale of heroin, didn’t make a difference.

The cash had been stored in a bag which the thieves took during a robbery of the man’s apartment in December 2004.

The robbers were later convicted for grand theft, while the 44-year-old was sentenced to four and a half years in prison and deportation for serious narcotics crimes.