Voters doubt centre-right victory in 2010 elecions – poll

The centre-right government is fighting an uphill battle as it looks toward the 2010 elections. Not even a majority of their own voters believe the government can win.

About two years remain until the next Riksdag elections in 2010 and several opinion polls have shown that the opposition parties, lead by the Social Democrats, have a commanding lead.

Now another survey has come along which makes for even more worrisome reading for the government.

A study by the Synovate polling firm shows that not even a majority of centre-right voters think the current centre-right government will win in 2010, writes Fokus magazine.

Respondents were asked whether they believe the Social Democrats will form the government following the next parliamentary election.

While the number of centre-right voters who believe the current Alliance government can stay in power has gone up 10 points since March 2007 to 42 percent, nearly half – 48 percent – are convinced the Social Democrats will form the next government.

Among voters identifying themselves as sympathetic to the opposition political parties, 86 percent forecast a change in power after 2010.

The results are based on 1,027 telephone interviews carried out from August 14th to the 21st.