Cannabis found on Swedish military training area

A group of Swedish soldiers made an unexpected discovery when they came across a group of suspicious looking plants during a training exercise in Skövde in western Sweden.

Cannabis found on Swedish military training area

While out on maneuvers on Wednesday afternoon, members of the P4 training regiment noticed a dozen metre high plants they suspected to be cannabis, reports the Göteborgs-Tidning newspaper.

The training grounds are not restricted to the public and are a popular destination for mushroom and berry pickers.

After finding the marijuana plants, the soldiers alerted their superiors, who in turn called the police to verify the soldiers’ suspicions.

“We used our own knowledge and it was a stand of cannabis,” said police spokesperson Anna-Karin Sjöstedt.

Police estimate that the plants, which have since been destroyed, would have produced about 7 kilograms of marijuana with a street value of 40,000 kronor ($6,000).

There are currently no clues as to who may have planted the offending weed.