Family bedevilled by girl’s beastly ID number

Family bedevilled by girl's beastly ID number
Photo: Irum Shahid
A couple from Umeå in northern Sweden is upset about state authorities branding their newborn baby girl with the sign of the devil.

When her birth was registered with Sweden’s Tax Authority, the couple’s daughter received a personal identity number (personnummer) ending in 666.

Personal identity numbers are assigned to everyone legally residing in Sweden and are used when carrying out various transactions in everyday Swedish life.

In the book of Revelations in the Bible, the digits are known as the Number of the Beast.

“Our little girl isn’t a wicked beast and shouldn’t have to suffer for having the symbolism in her personal identity number,” the girl’s father told the Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper.

But neither the Tax Authority nor the county administrative court has been sympathetic to the parents’ plea to change the number.

Every year around 100 girls in Sweden end up with 666 in their personal identity number.