Swedish soldier injured while training in Norway

A Swedish soldier was injured during a training exercise in Norway on Wednesday after falling 10 metres from a line attached to a helicopter.

The accident took place shortly after 6pm during an exercise at the Rygge airport in Moss, south of Oslo.

The soldier was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

“At nine o’clock I learned that the soldier is doing well considering the circumstances,” said Swedish military spokesperson Jonas Svensson.

The man belongs to a Swedish special forces unit and the accident occurred in conjunction with a rappelling exercise from a Norwegian helicopter.

The exercise consisted of lowering oneself down from the helicopter with a rope.

“The exercise is described as routine by the Norwegians, an opinion I would share. As of now we have no information as to what caused the accident,” said Svesson.

Both the Swedish and Norwegian armed forces will investigate the accident, which occurred in a military area.

Because the soldier belongs to a special forces unit, no information about his identity or about which specific unit he belongs has been made public.