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Gothenburg club and concert tips: September 12 – 13

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly Magazine has the answers. (Click links for more information)


Get ready for a whole night of indie festivities when the club Kids kicks off on Friday! The organizers behind the event want to show the world what a great indie pop city Gothenburg truly is. So pimp up your finest indie look and enjoy an evening with local bands and DJs giving their best of the genre, both electric and acoustic.

New Romantic Festival

New romanticism was both a literary movement of the eighteenth century and a colourful part of the new wave music era in the late 70s and early 80s (think Culture Club). If you can’t get enough of Spandau Ballet and their ilk then there’s a New Romantic festival taking place at Pustervik this weekend. So what does a New Romantic festival entail? We don’t know but we heard there will be a lot of great live musicians each taking the term romantic to a new level. Playing live are: New Tango Orquesta (Gbg), Stockholm Strings with Oskar Schönning (Sthlm) and David Sperling Bolander.

Café Publik celebration

One of the best and maybe hippest bars in town, Café Publik is celebrating its eight year anniversary on Saturday. How? With a big party of course, both indoors and in the fantastic backyard. Be sure to get there early as the place tends to get packed with hipsters elbowing their way to the bar. DJs for the night are Johnny Too Bad and Dj Digga.


If you just can’t get enough of panda makeup, pencil tight jeans and dotted dresses check out the pop club Saturn on Saturday. This is one of the oldest pop clubs in Gothenburg. It has been the hangout for emo and indie kids for the last decade. Tonight it’s bound to get even more crowded as the theme for the night is The Smiths… even though most of the people attending probably weren’t born when the Manchester outfit last released a record.


During the summer you will find everyone (with a right sense of mind) at the backyard at Magnus & Magnus. As autumn is hitting us with a rapid speed it is time again to close one of the greatest outdoor venues in town. No need to be sad though, the organizers behind the club want to end the season with a great farewell party on Saturday. There are always interesting DJs who make sure to bring along the newest electronic sounds. So celebrate the last day of summer with a colourful cocktail under a blanket at Backyard.