Opposition parties widen poll lead

The opposition’s lead over the governing centre-right parties in public opinion polls is increasing, according to the latest study by polling firm Demoskop.

But the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet), one of the four governing parties, appears to have benefited from recent media coverage of party leader Jan Björklund.

According to the survey, which consists of 1,009 telephone interviews with registered voters carried out between August 27th and September 3rd, the Social Democrats, Left Party, and Green Party increased their collective level of support from 56.2 percent to 57.5 percent.

Support for the four-party Alliance government also rose from 39.2 percent to 39.8 percent, but the gap between the two blocks nevertheless increased by 0.7 percent.

The Expressen newspaper, which ordered the Demoskop poll, did not provide a stated margin of error or whether the result is statistically significant.

The Liberal Party’s support increased by 1.8 percent to 8.1 percent, likely due to the attention and criticism surrounding party leader Björklund’s pronouncements on education policy, which was most intense during the period when the survey was conducted.

According to the survey, support for the far-right Sweden Democrats fell by 0.5 percent to 2.1 percent.

Overall, the Social Democrats received 45.6 percent (+2.1), Moderates 24.1 percent (-0.3), Liberal Party 8.1 percent (+1.8), Left Party 6.2 percent (+0.4), Green Party 5.6 percent (-1.3), Center Party 4.5 percent (-0.9), Christian Democrats 3.2 percent (+0.1), Sweden Democrats percent 2,1 (-0.5), other parties 0.6 percent (-1.3).