Concern over ‘sex games’ at Swedish high school

Chocolate covered torsos and co-ed banana eating are just a couple of things troubling officials about new student initiation rituals at a basketball oriented high school in northern Sweden.

“In one game boys had their upper bodies covered in chocolate and the girls had to lick it off,” said Ewa Lundström, principle for sports high schools in Luleå, to Sveriges Radio.

The school, Riksbasket Gymnasiet, is a specialized boarding school with limited enrollment where students’ academic work is scheduled around commitments to their basketball teams.

School officials claim they had no knowledge of the sex games which marked new students’ arrival on campus for this year’s autumn term.

“In another game the girls were lying on the floor with a banana in their mouth while the boys did pushups on top of them and ate the bananas,” said Lundström.

Lundström added that the school sees the behaviour as unacceptable and has launched an investigation into the matter.

Officials have also initiated a series of conversations with the students.

“I think they think that it’s pretty fun. I don’t think they see the seriousness of it, and I think that as young people they don’t fully think through that some might feel insulted,” she said to Sveriges Radio.