Poll: Government falls further behind

The Swedish government Alliance has fallen further behind the opposition in a new poll from Sifo. The opposition lead is now 14.9 percentage points.

During the first half of 2008 the Alliance had started to gain ground on the opposition and in Sifo’s last poll the gap had narrowed to 12.7 points.

In the September poll, marking the half way point in the mandate period, the Alliance block gained 39.6 percent against the red-green opposition’s 54.5 percent. None of the changes from August are statistically significant however.

The respective party’s figures in percent, with changes on the previous poll in brackets, were as follows: Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats 42.5 (-0.3), Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates 21.2 (-1.0), the Liberal party (Folkpartiet) 7.5 percent (+0.7), Green party 6.4 (+0.9), Centre party 6.0 (-0.7), Left party 5.6 (+0.5) and the Christian Democrats 4.9 (-0.1).

For the third consecutive poll the far-right Sweden Democrats had enough support to cross the four percent threshold required to claim seats in parliament at a general election. The party retained the support of 4.4 percent of the electorate, according to the Sifo poll.

Furthermore the Sweden Democrats have started to gain ground among older voters. The southern Sweden province of Skåne remains the party’s stronghold with almost 10 percent of the electorate expressing support.

In Stockholm the Social Democrats overtook the Moderates. The Social Democrats gained 33.2 percent to the Moderates 31.5 percent. The Alliance remains in a commanding lead in the city however with 49.6 percent to 46.4 percent for the red-green opposition.