Pensioner arrested following wild car chase

A 67-year-old man led police from Filipstad in central Sweden on a harrowing chase on Sunday, finally being arrested after dragging on officer alongside his vehicle for 30 metres.

The man had skipped his bill from hotel in Hällefors, about 30 kilometres to the east, according to local media.

Police soon determined that the car the man was driving had been reported stolen in August after it was never returned to the dealership following a test drive.

Police spotted the car near Filipstad, but the pensioner refused to pull over, and instead sped away toward the city centre.

In the city, the 67-year-old drove over a lawn and eventually crashed into a police car.

Undeterred however, the man continued until he became ensnarled in traffic, at which point an officer ran up to the car.

Finding the doors locked, the policeman smashed out one of the car’s side windows and attempted to grab hold of the steering wheel.

But the driver then hit the gas, dragging the officer with him for about 30 metres.

The journey finally ended when the officer managed to shower the man’s face with pepper spray, write the Nya Wermlands-Tidningen and Värmlands Folkblad newspapers.

No injuries resulted from the incident, and the 67-year-old is now in custody suspected of fraud and serious assault.