Swedish police seize thousands of baffling cannabis plants

Swedish police seize thousands of baffling cannabis plants
Police in Skåne in southern Sweden confiscated a field full of cannabis on Tuesday, but have yet to determine whether the plants were actually meant to be dried and smoked.

“Around 15,000 cannabis plants have been confiscated. Some have been sent for analysis to determine if they are narcotics or not,” said Calle Persson of the Skåne police to the TT news agency.

According to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper, the police were so overwhelmed with the work of harvesting the plants that they were forced to call a landscaping company to assist with the operation.

Police have yet to rule out the possibility that the plants are in fact industrial hemp, rather than marijuana.

“But if someone is growing hemp they usually keep a pretty close eye on it,” said Persson.

“And if they are drugs, it’s no good to have 15,000 plants which any private individual can take. That’s why we confiscated it.”

As of Tuesday evening, the police had no suspects in the case, Persson added.