Poll: ‘Government will lose election’

Sweden's electorate expects the Alliance government to lose the next general election, a new poll indicates. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt remains the most capable government leader, however.

Only 23 percent of those interviewed for the Sifo poll commissioned by Göteborgs-Posten, believe that the government will win the next election which will be held in 2010.

Even those that intend to vote for one of the Alliance parties in the next election doubt the government’s election chances. Only 44 percent of this group believe that the Fredrik Reinfeldt led four-party coalition will win.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt can gain some solace in that his own party sympathisers are the most optimistic with 45 percent of those intending to vote Moderate holding the view that the Alliance will win, while 44 percent believed the opposite.

Voters supporting the opposition parties expressed confidence that there will be a change of government in 2010 with 81 percent backing this line.

Fredrik Reinfeldt can also draw comfort from a Skop poll which indicated that the majority of voters consider him personally to be a more competent government leader than his Social Democrat party opponent Mona Sahlin.

The poll indicated that 54.1 percent of voters consider Reinfeldt more competent while 45.9 percent have more trust for Sahlin. Sahlin is the more desirable dinner guest however with the backing of 58.6 percent of those polled.

Reinfeldt’s lead in the competency stakes is however narrowing – from 15.4 percent in June to 8.2 percent in August/September. Despite the fall almost a fifth of Social Democrat sympathisers – 19 percent – consider Reinfeldt to be a more competent head of government that their own party leader.

The Sifo poll was based on interviews with 1,000 people in the middle of September. Skop interviewed 1,100 people during August and September.