Malmö police report leadership for ‘incompetence’

Malmö police report leadership for 'incompetence'
Around 40 police officers from Malmö have submitted complaints to the force’s senior safety representative in Skåne charging police leadership for “weakness, incompetence, and bad planning” in its preparation preparation the weekend's demonstrations.

The frustration began a street party held Friday in conjunction with the European Social Forum in Malmö ended with stone throwing and vandalism.

According to the complaints, the police on the street were told to take off their protective helmets in instead wear their regular uniform hats, which meant that police leadership endangered officers, writes the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

The complaints relate to “a case of workplace injury” and will now be taken up by the senior safety official for the Skåne police, Kaj Svensson.

Chief Commander Håkan Jarborg-Eriksson told the newspaper that it isn’t the leadership which decides whether or not the helmets are removed. Rather, the decision is taken by the field commander on the scene.

The police had consciously chosen a wait-and-see approach during the European Social Forum.

Several officers wanted to do more than was authorized during Friday’s disturbances.

Jarborg-Eriksson theorizes that frustration related to the perceived lack of action taken by police may be the motivation behind the complaints.