Debt office completes second T-bill auction

Sweden's National Debt Office (Riksgälden) announced on Tuesday it has sold 22.7 billion kronor ($3.48 billion) worth of treasury bills out of 25 billion on offer in a second extra auction to soothe tense local markets.

The debt office sold a first tranche of 25 billion kronor in extra T-bills on September 19th after unveiling plans to sell as much as 150 billion kronor in bills to address a shortage caused by international market turmoil.

Late on Monday, the office said the next extraordinary auction would be on September 25th, with three more to follow on September 26th, 30t, and October 3rd. The volumes on offer in those four auctions would be lower than in the first two, it said.

The office will use the funds raised from the issues to support the mortgage bond market.