Swedish twin sisters in UK motorway madness

Swedish twin sisters in UK motorway madness
Shocking images were released on Thursday night of two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into oncoming motorway traffic in the UK.

The incredible events were aired on the BBC documentary series, Motorway Cops.

The video shows the twin sisters walking along the central reservation of the M6 motorway, just outside Birmingham in central England. The duo then take a sudden plunge into oncoming traffic and the first woman is hit by a car.

Police were called to the scene and astonishingly, while being interviewed, one of the women again tears herself away from officers and throws herself into the carriageway. The woman is struck by a truck and seriously injured.

Soon after, the second sister repeats her twin’s actions and hurtles into traffic to be hit by a car. Despite her head-on collision with a vehicle, the sister tried to escape custody once more by again running onto the motorway.

“You can see the damage to the vehicle,” said PC Tracey Cope, one of the officers on the scene during the BBC documentary.

“The majority of people don’t survive collisions when they’ve had an impact like that”.

The woman was in a highly aggressive state and attacked an officer. “Her strength was absolutely phenomenal” said PC Cope. Eventually it took a total of six members of the police to restrain her”.

PC Paul Finlayson, also witness to the incredible events, described the most violent of the two sister to the BBC as “a seriously deranged woman”.

The sister seriously injured by her collision with a truck was taken from the scene by air ambulance and treated in hospital for seven weeks. The second woman was also treated in hospital for minor injuries and spent a day in jail charged with assaulting an officer.