Police hit Stockholm drug smuggling ring

Police in Stockholm believe they have cracked an international drug smuggling syndicate after confiscating hundreds of kilos of drugs in several recent raids.

Seven people are now in custody suspected of drugs and smuggling offences.

“We are extremely pleased with how things have gone so far. We hope there will be more arrests and that we will be able to get the whole gang and get all the way to the main guy,” said Anders Wretling from Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID), to the TT news agency.

In a major operation carried out in the Stockholm region last weekend, NCID agents arrested seven men in conjunction with raids on homes, vehicles, and storage units.

“We found dozens of kilos, maybe up to 100, of drugs in different raids,” said Wretling.

The current investigation is an offshoot of previously uncovered operations. According to Wretling an additional four or five people have been held by police in one way or another by police in other cases involving large amounts of drugs.

“We’re talking about hundreds of kilos of drugs,” he said.

The seven men have been remanded in custody this week and are suspected for serious drugs offences and serious drug smuggling.

An arrest warrant has been issued for one other man.

Preliminary investigative and surveillance work began about a year ago and NCID investigators have also been quietly cooperating with their counterparts, as the case has ties to several different countries.

“There have been direct contacts with operational divisions,” said Wretling, who also confirmed there had been arrests in other countries.

“But more will be arrested and I don’t want to say much more at this time,” he said.