Opposition increases lead in new poll

The government's autumn budget has made little immediate impact on public opinion, according to a new September poll. The opposition parties have increased their lead since August, according to a new Synovate poll published in Dagens Nyheter.

The three opposition parties claimed the support of 57 percent of those polled to 37.9 percent for the four party government coalition. The gap between the blocks is therefore 19.1 percentage points, up from 17.9 points in August.

The figures in percent of the individual parties are as follows with the changes (in percentage points) given in brackets.

Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats 45.7 percent (+0.3), Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates 21.6 (-0.8), Liberal party (Folkpartiet) 6.5 (-0.3), Green party 6.2 (+0.4), Centre party 6.1 (-0.1), Left party 5.1 (-0.2), Christian democrats 3.7 (+0.4).

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats claimed 3.8 percent of the vote, up 0.5 points since August.

Synovate interviewed 2,694 people between September 8th-24th and asked who they would vote for were an election held today. The changes are not statistically significant.