Whisky auction defies finance crunch

Whisky auction defies finance crunch
Swedish state monopoly alcohol retailer Systembolaget announced on Friday that Sweden's first whisky auction will be held on October 7th.

Among the 400 bottles on offer include a Macallan from 1946 with a starting price of 24,000 kronor ($3,620).

The organisers of the auction, which will be held by the Stockholm auctioneer’s office, are not overly concerned that financial turbulence and the dire economic climate will dissuade potential buyers.

“It remains to be seen. But demand for whisky is substantial and, with the emergence of clubs and whisky tasting, has become something of a people’s movement,” said Sören Nylund at Systembolaget.

Further items on offer at the auction, which will beheld in Frihamnen on October 7th, include a Very Very Old Fitzgerald Original Sour Mash from 1953, a Highland Park 1964 and a Glenury Royal 29 Years Old.