Storm warnings in northern Sweden

Areas of northern Sweden were hit by strong winds and storm conditions on Sunday morning. Meteorological agency SMHI forecasts continued stormy weather on Sunday.

“We expect it to peak during the morning hours and early morning in the mountains. Even east of the mountains winds are expected to reach 22-24 metres/second, almost storm classification,” said Gunvor Wettersten at SMHI.

SMHI issued a category one storm warning late Saturday evening for the inner areas of Norrland. This means that there are risks to the general public and interruptions can expected in some public services. There is for example a risk of falling trees.

At midday on Sunday the winds had peaked in Härjedalen and Jämtland and are expected to be at their worst in the late afternoon in the Lappland mountains, according to the latest forecast on SMHI’s web page.

The winds, with isolated hurricane gusts in places, are expected to ease off later Sunday and into Monday.


Winter storm set to sweep across Sweden

A winter storm, which has already claimed two lives in Norway, is forecast to sweep across Sweden on Friday. The national weather service has issued its second-highest warning, saying snow is most likely on the cards in many parts of the country this weekend.

Winter storm set to sweep across Sweden
Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

The unusually mild Christmas weather is set to come to an end on Friday, when a winter storm crosses the Norwegian border and into Sweden.

“Christmas day will be very windy, especially in the evening,” the national weather agency SMHI wrote on its website, adding winds are expected to reach a speed of 21 meters per second in the southwest.

A class 1 warning, the lowest on a scale of three, has been issued in the southwest, while a class 2 warning has been issued for the north and the mountain ranges of Härjedalen and Jämtland in the east.

“Leading into Boxing Day there will be rain coming in from the southeast,” agency spokesman Marcus Sjöstedt told news agency TT.

Sjöstedt said it will most likely snow in the south on Saturday, adding the white stuff is likely to fall also in the centre and moving up towards the north during the night to Sunday.

 In Norway, the storm is thought to have killed two people on Christmas Eve. One woman died in Oslo after being hit by a flagpole that the winds had snapped into two. On Norway’s southern coast, a man is believed to have drowned after being caught by a wave and dragged out to sea.