Pentecostalist murdered in Helsingborg

Police have confirmed that the 35-year-old man stabbed to death in Helsingborg on Friday evening was a member of the Pentecostalist church. No one had by midday Sunday been arrested for the murder.

The man has been formally identified, but there are currently no suspects, according to Helsingborg police.

The stabbing occurred outside shortly before 9pm on the corner of Bollbrogatan and Carl Krooks gata in central Helsingborg. The man was stabbed repeatedly in his stomach and throat.

Despite his serious condition the man managed to flee into a residential building from where he was later collected and rushed to Helsingborg General Hospital by ambulance. The man died shortly after arrival at the hospital.

The man is a member of the Pentecostalist church, according to local newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet. The man sought the help of one of the local church’s pastors, who resides in the building.

The local Pentecostalist church is in the vicinity of the crime scene and was full of activity on Friday night as it was open for youth activities as normal.

Several church members were witness to the stabbing.

Pastor Henrik Åström was not at home at the time, but was telephoned by shocked members of his congregation. Åström led a memorial service for the murdered man on Saturday.

Police believe that the victim and the perpetrator were acquainted, according to Lars Förstel at Skåne police. A man aged between 20-25 years-old was seen running from the scene at the time of the attack. The murder weapon, presumed to be a knife, has not yet been found.

During Friday evening and Saturday morning police conducted investigations in the are including knocking on the doors of local resident to try to collect further witnesses.

“At that time on a Friday evening there are a lot of people circulating in the centre of Helsingborg. We are looking for people who may have noticed even the smallest detail that can help us in out investigations,” Förstel said.

Police hope to develop some leads from charting the victim’s friends and acquaintances.

The investigation has been taken over by Skåne police.

As of 2005, the Swedish Pentecostal movement has approximately 90,000 members in nearly 500 congregations across the country. The Filadelfia Church in Stockholm, with its 7,000 members, is the largest Pentecostal congregation in northern Europe.