South African police free kidnapped Swede

Police in South Africa rescued a Swedish national from Nigerian kidnappers who had lured the man to the country using an investment scam.

Mr. Kenth Sadaaki Suzuki, a 40-year-old man from the Stockholm area, traveled to Johannesburg last week after receiving a so-called ‘Nigeria letter’, detailing a fictitious investment opportunity, according to a statement from South African police.

Shortly after arriving, he was met by two suspects who took him to a house in the suburbs, robbed him, and then tied up his hands and feet.

The kidnappers contacted the Suzuki’s relatives back in Sweden and demanded a ransom of €20,000 ($28,400).

The family then contacted police in South Africa, who were able to determine the location of the house.

Police raided the house, arrested the two Nigerian nationals who hatched the scheme, and freed Suzuki without incident.