Sweden pays man after sex with 14-year-old

A Swedish man acquitted of rape charges after he filmed himself having sex with a 14-year-old girl is set to receive 157,000 kronor ($22,500) in compensation for being wrongly accused.

The 34-year-old man from just outside Malmö met the girl over the internet and admitted to having sex with her.

He claimed, however, that he didn’t know the girl was under 15, the age of legal consent in Sweden.

The district court convicted the man on child rape and child pornography charges.

While the court of appeal dropped the rape charges against the man, it did hand down a suspended sentence for one charge of child pornography, according to local media.

The man had requested 282,000 kronor in compensation for suffering and lost wages, but will instead have to make do with the reduced sum awarded by Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern – JK).