Forgery charges dropped because fake ID was so bad

The falsified identity card fashioned by an 18-year-old from Malmö was so poor that the court decided to have the charges against him dropped.

As he attempted to enter a Malmö pub, the 18-year-old was stopped by guards at the door after they noticed something fishy about the man’s ID-card, reports the City newspaper.

Police were called and the man was charged with forgery for having altered the date of birth on the card.

While the 18-year-old confessed to using a scanner and colour printer to construct a fake document, the district court felt that the forged ID-card “couldn’t be seen as real upon a reasonably careful inspection”, and thus freed the man from all charges.

The court’s decision shocked prosecutor Jonas Lindgren.

“Unbelievable. Are you joking?” he told City.

“He did actually confess to using a fake document.”

Had the 18-year-old been convicted, he could have faced up to six months in prison.