Liberal Party looks to rescue petrol stations

Liberal Party looks to rescue petrol stations
The Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) wants to abolish parts of pumplagen, the ‘Petrol Station Act’, to rescue petrol stations in rural areas.

In 2005, the Riksdag introduced a statute requiring petrol station operators who sell more than a given amount of regular fuel to include at least one type of renewable fuel.

The upper limit on how much a petrol station can sell without also offering renewable fuel types has been gradually lowered. Under the act, it is due to be further reduced on January 1st next year, a move that will hit many smaller outlets.

To halt the ongoing depletion in the number of petrol stations around the country, leading party members, including party secretary Eric Ullenhag, propose that this last stage in the act be repealed. In an article in Dagens Nyheter, they add that the entire law and its impact on rural areas, the climate and the economy should be reviewed.

The proposal also forms part of the new climate programme under discussion at the party’s annual conference on Saturday and, judging by the way the debate is moving, it will be adopted.