Physician to lose licence after oral sex with patient

A 44-year-old doctor in Stockholm is to have his licence revoked after performing oral sex on a male patient, medical newspaper Dagens Medicin reports.

Although the physician was recently cleared of any criminal wrongdoingby Solna District Court, his career appears to be in serious doubt after the National Board of Health and Welfare announced it was planning to strike him off the register of accredited physicians.

“The district court’s not guilty verdict is of no importance to us,” board spokesman Staffan Blom told Dagens Medicin.

“He has clearly behaved in an unsuitable manner by having sex with the patient, even if the latter did go along with it. He has shown himself completely inappropriate to continue working as a doctor,” Blom added.

The newspaper reports that the patient, a young man, developed an erection while being examined for kidney problems.

Interpreting his patient’s bodily state as an invitation of sorts, the doctor performed oral sex on the young man, causing him to ejaculate.

The patient immediately regretted what had happened and received assistance from staff after he emerged from the doctor’s treatment room at a busy Stockholm clinic in October last year.

Still wearing his white coat, the doctor was escorted from the premises and ushered into a police car after his patient had called the police to report the incident.