Rumoured cuts would devastate Volvo space group

Volvo Aero’s space division may be facing major cutbacks because the Swedish government wants to reduce funding for the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB).

According to a Volvo Aero, the SNSB is proposing that Sweden leave the European Ariane rocket project.

The move would cripple the company and its roughly 140 employees is based in Trollhättan in western Sweden, as the Ariane project constitutes the bulk of its activities.

“If we leave Ariane now, we’ll be forced to leave it forever. I hope our politicians understand the scope of [this decision],” said Volvo Aero spokesperson Fredrik Fryklund to TTELA.

The SNSB wouldn’t confirm the reports.

“Right now there are several scenarios for Sweden’s future space expenditures,” said SNSB spokesperson Johan Marcopoulos.

According to Marcopoulos, the Swedish space agency plans to present a information about future spending to the government sometime during October.