Sahlin says ‘door open’ to Left Party

Responding to a storm of criticism, Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin backtracked on Friday, saying she would no longer rule out including the Left Party in an eventual governing coalition.

Sahlin says 'door open' to Left Party

Sahlin prompted a firestorm earlier in the week when she announced that the Social Democrats planned to approach the 2010 parliamentary elections with an eye toward forming a two-party coalition with the Green Party, leaving the Left Party on the fringes.

But following a conference call with Social Democratic party district heads on Friday, Salhin changed her tune about the possibility of including the Left Party in 2010, instead pointing to the latter as the cause of any perceived distance.

“It’s not the case that I’ve closed the door on the Left Party. I understood that they had said no and didn’t want to go through that door. I should have expressed it that way too. But now we’ll sit down again, Lars Ohly and I,” she told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

Sahlin added that she had not intended to sideline the Left Party but emphasized that Ohly and his colleagues had to make further concessions if the expected to be a part of a Social Democratic-led government.

“Now we’ll see if it’s possible to move forward with discussion about forming a government, but we’re not there yet, they have to accept [our] budget principles,” she said.