Swedish research bolsters protein-Alzheimer’s link

The presence of a certain protein can help protect the elderly from developing Alzheimer’s, according to a group of Swedish researchers at Uppsala University.

Swedish research bolsters protein-Alzheimer's link

The scientists have discovered that men with low levels of the protein cystatin C run a higher risk of developing the disease within the next few years. The study was conducted on 1,200 men and is published in the journal Neurology.

“Our results give further support to the hypothesis that cystatin C protects the brain against the development of Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Johan Sundelöf of Uppsala University Hospital’s geriatric clinic, to the Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper.

More studies are needed, however, including one involving women, before doctors can say more definitively that the connection exists and begin testing patients for their risk of developing Alzheimer’s.