Feminist boycott demand ‘a storm in a D cup’: Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair went on the attack on Thursday, mocking Swedish feminist politician Birgitta Ohlsson’s call for a boycott of the airline because of its allegedly sexist advertising practices.

Feminist boycott demand 'a storm in a D cup': Ryanair

“This really is a storm in a D cup!” said Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara in a statement.

“We’re sure that Boring Birgitta will be overrun by the flood of right minded, liberal, people who support Ryanair’s determination to defend the rights of girls and boys to get their kit off – if they want to.”

The airline’s rebuttal comes hot on the heels of a call by Ohlsson for consumers to boycott the airline for refusing to apologize for an advertisement deemed sexist by Sweden’s Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK).

“It’s my duty as a feminist politician to name and shame companies like this,” the Liberal Party politician told The Local.

The controversial ad, which ran in 2007 to coincide with a back to school airfare sale, depicts a woman in a skimpy school girl’s outfit, which ERK found “offensive to women in general”.

Ohlsson agreed: “Ryanair is relying on old fashioned, outdated values and they’re proud of it,” she said.

In response, the airline said it would “celebrate Ryanair’s sexy Swedish ad” by launching one million €10 mid week seats.

“We will also be sending free tickets to Boring Birgitta so that she can take a nice relaxing break, loosen up a little and stop calling for silly boycotts,” said McNamara.