Photographic evidence relieves man of urination fine

A 20-year-old man from Strängnäs in central Sweden who was fined for public urination has had his case overturned on appeal.

A district court convicted the man of disorderly conduct and fined him 800 kronor ($110) for relieving himself near a petrol station in Eskilstuna last November.

But in arguing his case before the Svea Court of Appeal, the 20-year-old presented new evidence which convinced the court to relieve him of the fine.

The man showed the court of photograph of the crime scene: a patch of grass between a wall and a container on which the man urinated.

Upon seeing that the man’s offence had left no visible trace which could upset a member of the public, the court decided to acquit the man of all charges, according to several media reports.

The 20-year-old isn’t the only Swede who decided to answer nature’s call in public.

Last year 4,147 people were fined for public urination in Sweden.