Dead man dumped at Karolinska hospital

Dead man dumped at Karolinska hospital
A man was dumped at Karolinska University hospital in Solna on Saturday morning. The man, in his twenties, was later declared dead and had according to police been stabbed to death.

The car driver that dumped the body at the hospital left the scene and is now wanted by police.

Police were unwilling to comment on the make of car that they are looking for, but confirm that they have identified the car’s owner and that the car has not been reported stolen.

Earlier on Saturday morning a further two men were found stabbed near the exit to the E4 motorway in Kista in northern Stockholm.

One of the men has serious stomach injuries and is now under an anaesthetic, police report. The other has minor injuries.

Police believe that the two incidents could be linked.

“It seems that way, yes,” said Birgitta Ejremyr at north Stockholm police.

Police are now searching the area around where the two men were found to see if there are any further injured parties.