Swedish star convicted of beating wife

Swedish star convicted of beating wife
Swedish pop music star Daniel ”Papa Dee” Wahlgren was fined 8,400 kronor ($1,135) by the Stockholm District Court on Monday for having shoved his wife into a wall.

In a decision which divided the court, the more serious charges of common assault were thrown out, resulting in a conviction on lesser charges of mild assault.

Walhgren denies any wrongdoing, and his wife Andrea also claims that her husband didn’t hurt her, reports the Aftonbladet newspaper.

According to the couple, the injuries suffered by Wahlgren’s wife on the night of September 14th came about when she slammed her own head on a large candle over which the pair had been fighting.

Wahlgren, one of Sweden’s most well-known musical artists, was arrested following the incident on suspicions of assault.

However, several eyewitness accounts conflict with the Wahlgrens’ version of events.

Earlier in the evening, a neighbour of the Wahlgrens had found Andrea Wahlgren lying in the stairwell of the couple’s apartment building.

According to eye witnesses, she had been hit in the head in or near the apartment and was bleeding profusely, reports the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

A person with close connections to the couple had testified that Wahlgren had displayed violent tendencies towards his wife on previous occasions.

In her own blog, Andrea Wahlgren defended her husband, saying he is innocent and that she caused the injuries during a panic attack.

While doctors who examined her following the incident doubted that Andrea Wahlgren’s injuries were self-inflicted, a medical expert testifying at the trial couldn’t rule out the possibility that she had in fact injured herself.

While the prosecutor argued that Wahlgren should receive eight months in prison for his offence, the court ultimately opted for the lighter sentence in part because of uncertainty about what or who caused his wife’s injuries.

The court also said it considers Wahlgren’s fine as having already been paid because he spent several weeks in custody during the investigation.