Kidney risk for adopted Chinese children

Children from China adopted by Swedish parents may have a higher risk for kidney stones due to possible exposure to the poisoned infant formula that sickened thousands of Chinese toddlers.

American pediatricians are advising parents with children born in 2005 or later which have been adopted from China to have the children’s kidneys examined, writes the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper.

Swedes adopted around 2,000 children from China during the period in question.

“We’ve received a few specific questions, but we haven’t come up with a policy. It’s still so fresh that we haven’t had a chance to react,” said Svante Swerkersson of Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital in Gothenburg to the newspaper.

A simple urine test often reveals if there are any problems with a child’s kidneys, although x-ray tomography may also be used if doctors believe there is a strong chance that something is wrong.

The Family Association for Inter-country Adoption (FFIA), based in Gothenburg, has also received questions, but hasn’t heard any reports other than that the children adopted recently from China have been judged healthy following pediatric exams performed in Sweden.