YouTube death threat ‘was a joke’

YouTube death threat 'was a joke'
A 25-year-old man has told police that a death threat he posted in a video on YouTube was a joke that spiralled out of control.

The man behind the video contacted police after media began reporting on a video in which a masked man threatened to execute a number of people at a shopping centre in Gothenburg.

“It was some sort of a joke. It was never intended to cause a commotion,” police spokesman Stefan Gutafsson told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Gothenburg police launched an investigation on Tuesday after a visitor to the YouTube site alerted them to the video.

In the film, which is of very poor technical quality, a man wearing a hood, dark glasses and a scarf addressed the camera and spoke of his plans for a bloodbath at the Nordstan shopping centre.

“The nasty old men will be executed. October 30th, 12.30, Nordstan. I swear, they’re going to die,” he said.

Stefansson said the police would now discuss the matter with prosecutors before deciding whether to take any further course of action.