Snow on the way

Snow on the way
Much of central and southern Sweden can expect to experience the first snow of the season on Thursday evening, meteorologists say.

A cold front has swept in over the country, leaving overnight temperatures below zero across much of the country.

A low pressure belt moving up from central Europe is predicted to bring stronger winds, as well some rain and snowfalls towards the evening, according to meteorological agency SMHI.

Friday will see isolated showers in eastern and northern Sweden, clearing up as the day wears on.

The forecast for the weekend is for clear and dry weather conditions across most of the country.

The Swedish Road Adminstration is advising motorists to exercise caution as road conditions turn icy in large parts of the country.

The administration recommends switching to winter tyres before conditions deteriorate further.

Motorists are bound by law to drive with winter tyres from December 1st to March 31st.