Cop reports quantum of bubbly at Bond premiere

Cop reports quantum of bubbly at Bond premiere
A police officer in Karlskoga in central Sweden has filed an official complaint after reading in the newspaper that champagne was served at the local cinema to coincide with the premiere of the new James Bond movie.

Police are now investigating whether the Saga cinema played fast and loose with the law when it allowed a number of businesses to treat their customers to bubbly at the Karlskoga premiere of Quantum of Solace.

“The forthcoming investigation will show whether drinks were in fact served illegally,” said police spokesman Thored, Stig Thored, to the Karlskoga-Kuriren newspaper.

The manager of the Saga cinema – Enock, Håkan Enock – said it was his understanding that it was permitted to serve alcohol to a closed group without any need for a permit.

“”But if I’ve made a mistake I’ll take the punishment,” he told the local newspaper.