Licence to spy: Sony snoops on Bond fans

Licence to spy: Sony snoops on Bond fans
Sony Pictures in Sweden has employed methods worthy of James Bond in an attempt to protect against the pirating of Quantum of Solace.

The film company is using special night vision goggles to keep an eye on moviegoers attending showings of the latest Bond film at 149 cinemas around Sweden, reports entertainment news agency TT-Spektra.

The protective measures are unprecedented in Sweden, and meant to ensure that pirated copies of Quantum don’t end up on the internet ahead of the film’s premiere in the United States and other countries.

The film had its worldwide premiere last Friday in Sweden, France, and the UK, but doesn’t open in the US until November 14th.

“This isn’t some sort of PR-stunt, believe me, it’s simply self defence,” said the head of Sony Pictures in Sweden, Zoran Slavic to TT-Spektra.

Slavic explained that the audience is informed of the surveillance before entering the theatre and that it involved security personnel equipped with night vision goggles standing in the aisles.

“It’s not something you record, it’s sort of like night binoculars which don’t cause any disturbance whatsoever,” said Slavic, who refused to divulge whether or not the measures had netted any would-be bootleggers.