Carolin Stenvall shot in the back: autopsy

Results of the autopsy performed on Carolin Stenvall reveal that the 29-year-old woman was shot in the back, prosecutors revealed during a press conference on Thursday.

Toni Alldén, the 50-year-old hunter from Gällivare who is suspected of murdering Stenvall, has confessed to shooting the woman, prosecutor Ulrika Schönbeck also said.

According to Schönbeck, there is no sign that the body was dismembered.

Alldén maintains that he pushed Stenvall and that she fell into his trailer and that the whole incident was an accident.

He said, according to the prosecutor, that he shot her later to make sure she was dead. According to Schönbeck, the autopsy results indicate Stenvall was likely alive when she was shot.

At this stage of the investigation, prosecutors don’t believe that Alldén had an accomplice in the killing.

Schönbeck also said that the autopsy showed Stenvall had been subject to severe head trauma and that the body also showed signs it had been burned.

There is not, however, any sign that Stenvall was the victim of any type of sexual assault.

Schönbeck said the motive for the killing remains unclear and that nothing in the investigation indicates that Alldén and Stenvall had any connection to one another.

Blood has also been discovered at Alldén’s hunting cabin, said Schönbeck, who also revealed that the 50-year-old has admitted he took Stenvall’s body there before dumping it in the woods.

Police have now also confiscated Alldén’s gun and plan on using it in connection with an examination of the bullet which struck Stenvall.


Trollhättan suspect to be extradited to Sweden

A Polish court ruled on Friday that the 36-year-old man who turned himself in over the murder of a mother-of-two in Trollhättan, western Sweden, should be extradited to Sweden.

Trollhättan suspect to be extradited to Sweden

The man is suspected of murdering a 23-year-old woman, who has been missing since June 30th in the western Swedish town, roughly 75 kilometres north of Gothenburg.

“We can confirm that on Monday we detained a Swedish man who was being searched for internationally by Swedish police,” Mariusz Sokolowski of the national Polish police force told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“This occurred in the Swedish embassy in Warsaw. We came there at the request of the embassy.”

He added that the case was taken as seriously in Poland as it is in Sweden.

IN PICTURES: Police and the Missing People volunteers join the search

The 36-year-old suspect had been detained before in Sweden on suspicion of kidnapping, while two younger men were detained for aiding a criminal. He will be back on Swedish shores within ten days.

The hunt for the woman’s body has been extensive, involving police divers and hundreds of members of the volunteer Missing People organization. Her body is still missing.

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