Chevy Chase to guest star in Swedish sitcom

Chevy Chase to guest star in Swedish sitcom
American comedy legend Chevy Chase will arrive in Sweden this weekend to appear as a guest star on a Swedish television sitcom.

Chase is set to play Dan Carter, a foreign correspondent based in Sweden, in all eight episodes of the TV4 humour program Hjälp!.

The show is based on the British TV series Help! and revolves around the antics of patients who seek professional help from psychologist Jeanette Placzyk, played by Stina Ekdahl.

Chase’s Dan Carter seeks help from Dr. Placzyk after his wife has kicked him out and blocked his credit cards after meeting a new man. In an unexpected twist, Carter later finds himself supporting Örjan Lax, a character played by Johan Rheborg.

“Chevy Chase is one my huge idols and it will be extremely exciting to act with him. All I can say is ‘he’s Chevy Chase and I’m not,’” said Swedish comedian Johan Rheborg to TV4, referencing a classic line from Chase’s days as a presenter for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

The role of Dan Carter was written especially for Chase, best known for film roles such as Fletch and Clark W. Griswold from the ‘Vacation’ series of film comedies.

“It feels wonderfully fun that we can offer our viewers a comedic legend of Chevy Chase’s caliber,” said Fredrik Arefalk TV4’s head of programming.

Hjälp!, which is set to enter its third season, is set to air the new episodes featuring Chase in the spring of 2009.