Fresh set of fires plagues Ystad

After a month of relative calm, the town of Ystad in southern Sweden was hit by another series of fires believed to be purposefully set early Monday morning.

No one was injured by the blazes.

Firefighters received the first call shortly before 3:00am in response to a fire in the enclosed porch of a house in central Ystad which contained offices used by the municipality to conduct daily activities.

The porch was completely destroyed by the blaze.

Shortly before 4:00am, another call came about a fire in a multi-family dwelling. While the fire turned out to be minor, the building’s stairwell had been filled with smoke.

In the interim, emergency crews had received calls about two other fires, one in a waste bin outside a building and another in a garbage dump outside a restaurant.

The cause of the fires has yet to be determined, but initial evidence suggests they were purposefully set.

As of 6:00am Monday, no suspects had been arrested.

In early October, Ystad was hit by another series of fires believed to be set by the “day break pyromaniac”.

A 44-year-old man, who had been suspected in a serious of arson in connection with several previous fires, was arrested.

The man was detained and prosecutors had requested he be remanded in custody. But the man was released following his remand hearing because the district court didn’t think the evidence against him was strong enough.