Engineer convicted in Saab blackmail case

The 48-year-old engineer charged with attempting to blackmail Saab Microwave Systems for 16 million kronor ($2.1 million) was sentenced on Monday to four years in prison.

He was convicted of serious unauthorized possession of classified information, bribery, as well as attempted bribery, but was acquitted on charges of industrial espionage.

The man, who worked as a consultant at Saab Microwave Systems, obtained various sensitive documents which he threatened to make public of the company didn’t pay him several million kronor.

According to the prosecutor, the documents contained company secrets which were also considered classified military secrets.

The man has confessed that he tried to get the company to buy back the secret documents, but denied his guilt.

He claims that he was forced into the deal by a man referred to as Defence Harry, a person who police and prosecutors have yet to locate.

The prosecutor had originally asked the man receive an eight year prison sentence.