Little support for expanding Sweden’s presence in Afghanistan

Little support for expanding Sweden's presence in Afghanistan
Most Swedes do not wish to see an increase in the size of the country’s force in Afghanistan, according to a new study.

The government has proposed increasing the number of Swedish troops in Afghanistan to 500 soldiers.

Currently, Sweden has around 375 troops stationed in the central Asian country, according to the Armed Forces.

But the results of a poll conducted by the Sifo polling firm on behalf of Sveriges Television reveals that the idea of sending more soldiers to Afghanistan isn’t popular among the Swedish public.

Of those asked, only 17 percent thought that Sweden should send more soldiers, while 36 percent responded that the current force was sufficient.

Nearly four in ten respondents, 37 percent, wanted the government to bring Sweden’s troops home, reports Sveriges Television.

The study consisted of 1,000 telephone interviews carried out between November 10th and 13th.

Respondents were asked if the number of Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan should be kept at present levels, if Sweden should send more troops in line with the government’s proposal, or if all the soldiers should be brought home.