Six injured in bus accident

Six people have been taken to hospital after a bus on its way from Stockholm to Copenhagen collided with a road maintenance truck early on Tuesday morning.

The victims are between the ages of 15 to 68 and consist of five men and one woman, including a 19-year-old from Germany and a 26-year-old from Denmark.

According to the Värnamo hospital, none of the victims suffered serious injury.

The accident took place on the E4 motorway near Hörle about 60 kilometres south of Jönköping in south central Sweden at about 4:15am.

The bus, which was operated by Swebus Express, was carrying 15 passengers when it hit a road salting truck operated by the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket), sending both vehicles into the ditch.

“We don’t know what caused the accident; that will be investigated further but according to officers on the scene the roads weren’t exceedingly icy,” said Jönköping police spokesperson Bengt Netterström to the TT news agency.

According to a statement from Swedbus, passengers wishing to continue their journey to Copenhagen could do so later in the morning on another bus later.

After a two hour delay, traffic is once again flowing on the E4’s southbound lane.